Skype & phone

If you're not based near my practice or it's difficult for you to get to me, I can support you via Skype or phone sessions.

I work via Skype or phone with many clients based throughout the UK and internationally. You can also mix Skype or phone sessions with sessions at my practice as and when convenient.

Skype or phone therapy also works very well for specific conditions such as agoraphobia, where leaving home, going too far from home or going to certain places has become a challenge.

For example, if we are working on techniques to manage anxiety symptoms associated with agoraphobia, we can put this into practice by doing some sessions where we go out together on the phone so I can give you support and guidance in 'real time' in the situations you find challenging.

For more information...

For more information about Skype or phone counselling, please contact me on 07956 283 702 or email me at

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